If we can help you make your content usable and useful to the customer on any device your customer chooses, to view your content on. Then we believe together we are 1 step closer,
To creating the beginning of a relationship with your customer. 


How we can help You

Responsive Design

Responsive design empowers your customers to find and experience your website content on all their devices. Responsive design will improve your return on investment in your web presence. Most people use mobile first, your website should look great on mobile!  

Value pricing 

Ongo Mobile is committed to providing, value pricing to enable you to get a fair price in the web development market. We strive not to offer the highest price or the lowest but rather, what is fair for all.

About Us

Have you ever went to a website on a phone or a tablet, only to find that the site was hard to read and use! As a students of Web Development, We really enjoy building responsive websites that adapt to the device being used.

In our ambition to help people and make a living. We have a baseline of skills in HTML, CSS , Javascript, React.



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