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We help you turn your ideas into an app
that solves problems and is easy to use.
We help you turn your ideas into
an app that solves problems
and is easy to use.

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Have you ever went to a website on a phone or a tablet, only to find that the site was hard to read and use. Did you understand what they were offering and how it could improve your life?

As a lifelong student of Web & Mobile Development and also Marketing, I really enjoy building Web and Mobile Applications that are optimized to help the customer fulfill their needs, and are usable, on what ever device the customer choose to use.

In our ambition to help people and make a living. We offer our skills in React, Mobile & Web App Development, Design, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

What that means for You is together, we can  build You a Web or Mobile App that gives your customers the content they are looking for!

Some of my recent Work

Thailand Explorer

Single Page Javascript App

Explore random locations in Thailand. I built a custom location API, that calls 3 other APIs to get data. All hand coded. Also, you will notice each time the landing pages loaded it shows a random image.

Technologies Used

Custom locations API that I built that get data from API’s
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React Web App

Namjai is a side project I am working on. A friend of mine Bruno Saez Lopez did the design work. I brought it to life in React, it’s hand styled with Styled Components. To manage Authentication and Data I used Firebase. It's still a work in progress.

Technologies Used

styled components
Styled Components
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Window Counter

React Native App

Window Counter is a React Native mobile app, that is built for iOS and Android platforms its live on Google Play and the App Store. Window Counter currently has over 1000 users. I built this app using feedback form a beta version I put out to the Window Cleaning community on Facebook.

Technologies Used

Styled Components
React Native
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Here Is What People Are Saying

Thank you for your time and assistance with developing the Oceanfront Hacienda website. Not only do we have an amazing website, we gain a new friendship that will last until the end of time!

Mike helped us when we desperately needed a new web design.He always made us feel like we were on the same team, so we knew we had made the right decision in choosing him to re-brand our business. Mike is reliable, flexible, and consistently delivers a valuable service.

Lora Spicer,
Oceanfront Hacienda

Mike is a great guy who puts all their efforts in getting the job done with fantastic results. He never gives up, and if he doesn't know how to do something he will move the earth to find out and solve it. A pleasure to have worked together in personal projects!

Bruno Saez Lopez,
UX Designer

Mike is very professional ,and knowledgeable in multiple fields. I first reached out to him because I found out he was the developer of one of my go to apps for work and I had some questions. I have never really spoken to an app developer in the past ,and I never understood the complexity of it. He went above and beyond to help me better understand my own Business. I strongly recommend Mike.

Sebastian Pica,
Viking Cleaning And Restoration Services

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